Exceptional Students

Gifted & Talented Education (GT)

We provide services to gifted/high potential students and their families. Gifted and Talented Services oversees gifted and highly-gifted identification in the district. Gifted identification begins at the school level with the GT teacher and ends with a district level identification team review process. In addition, we support and monitor each schools’ gifted programming in order to support best practice for gifted learners.

We also assesses and qualifies students for the Advanced Kindergarten magnet program. Note: This program is not a gifted program. Students who qualify for Advanced Kindergarten are not identified as gifted/talented.

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Special Education

Special Education is committed to providing a quality educational experience based on the individual needs of each child. Special education services provide specialized instruction for students to minimize the impact of their disability through a continuum of services, ranging from services provided in a general education classroom to fully contained classroom settings.

In addition to special education teachers, students with disabilities may receive supports from paraprofessionals, nurses, school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists and physical therapists. The goal of special education is to provide services that allow students with disabilities to acquire the skills to pursue independent living and post-secondary readiness. Learn more!

Transition Services 9th - 12th Grade: ACEConnect

ACEConnect is a support program that prepares students with disabilities by ensuring that they are post-secondary workforce-ready. Students may choose to enter any industry, and ACEConnect helps them to build the soft skills that align with their career choice.

ACEConnect is a program of both CareerConnect and Student Equity & Opportunity.

Transition Services: 18-21 year olds

The DPS 18-21 year old Transition program offers a continuum of support for students to access post-secondary education, employment, and independent living options after completing credits required for graduation. Students receive individualized assessment and services in a community based setting to identify the steps needed to prepare for life after high school. Teachers and coaches support students to develop the skills needed for success.