School Supports

DPS is leading the nation in focusing effort and attention around Whole Child supports because we know – and research shows – it will not only improve academic outcomes, but is critical to achieving our vision that Every Child Succeeds. We are committed to providing equitable and inclusive environments where we ensure students are Healthy, Supported, Engaged, Challenged, Safe, and Socially and Emotionally Intelligent.

Students sometimes need extra support to eliminate barriers to their success. The Exceptional Students team includes Special Education, Gifted and Talented, Related and Support Services and a variety of other assistance that ensure Every Child Succeeds.

Child Find is a federal mandate that requires all school districts to identify, locate and evaluate all children who might have disabilities, birth through 21, regardless of the severity of their disabilities.

The Healthy Schools Team focuses on population-level health efforts and is integral to implementation and evaluation of the Whole Child, Healthy Child Agenda 2020.

Our objective is to ensure that the District’s grant funding supports the vision, goals, and objectives of Denver Public Schools. 

Good health enables all students to benefit from the education experience leading to productive living and a successful future. School nurses actively promote healthy lifestyle choices, strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting children’s health status, and are advocates for school age children.

DPS provides licensed and trained social workers and psychologists on school campuses to support the emotional and social well being of our students. These services are free to students and families, and are available to foster the development of the Whole Child.

We know there is a difference in being “ready for college” and “college ready”. The office of social emotional learning, a part of the whole child supports team, is committed to helping students develop SEL competencies (self awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness skills) in order to be successful in school and in life.

Special Education Services is committed to providing a quality educational experience based on the individual needs of each child. Special education services provide specialized instruction for students to minimize the impact of their disability through a continuum of services, ranging from services provided in a general education classroom to fully contained classroom settings.

In addition to special education teachers, students with disabilities may receive supports from paraprofessionals, nurses, school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists and physical therapists. The goal of special education is to provide services that allow students with disabilities to acquire the skills to pursue independent living and post-secondary readiness.

Our team can assess students’ needs for a variety of supports including mental health interventions or special needs assessments.

We strive to ensure that gifted and talented students are engaged, rigorously challenged and supported to reach their full emotional, intellectual, and creative potential. By equipping students to become successful, critical, compassionate, and collaborative individuals,  we are preparing them to become leaders and citizens of the 21st century.

The Homeless Education Network (HEN) is a resource for DPS schools to provide guidance and the connection to Denver-area support services for families experiencing homelessness.  The HEN mission is to help DPS homeless children use education to break the cycle of poverty through direct support. The primary objective is to remove educational barriers that prevent homeless children from having a successful school experience.